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Kiwi Chick Sponsorship Packages

The rowi and Haast tokoeka are the two most endangered kiwi in the world, with less than 500 of each of each bird remaining. Rowi are restricted to the Okarito Forest, north of Franz Josef Glacier, and the Haast tokoeka are
restricted to a small area of forest near Haast, South Westland.

In the wild, only 5% of kiwi that hatch will survive to adulthood due to predation by stoats. If we can help to get a kiwi chick over 1kg in weight and the chick’s survival rating will dramatically increase to 85%.

Sponsoring a kiwi chick will help to save the rowi and Haast tokoeka from extinction. Your donation will help to fund kiwi husbandry costs including: kiwi food, brooder equipment, incubation equipment and health and hygiene
products. The duration of your sponsorship will be for one year. If you would like to help save New Zealand’s rarest kiwi please consider one of the following packages and follow this link to download a Kiwi Chick Sponsorship