Possum & Merino Flip Jacket – Made In New Zealand


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    Fully reversible two toned jacket with flip zip. Can be worn with either side facing out.

    New Zealand possum fur blended with merino lambswool is the latest natural fibre to be developed in the world. The unique soft pointed ends and hollow core of the possum fur provide an extremely light, soft and luxurious fibre. Even the lightest possum product will keep the wearer warm without being bulky.

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    How to correctly wash your knitwear

    Wash gently in warm or cool water (never hot!) using a wool detergent. Spin in the washing machine and dry flat. Do not tumble dry. For all our products we do recommend machine washing on a wool or delicate cycle over hand washing as this avoids the stretching/misshaping that can occur when agitating by hand in a tub. The washing machine spin cycle also sheds most of the water as opposed to squeezing this out by hand which again can distort the shape of the item depending on the technique employed. Some washing machines (this seems to be most prevalent in Europe) offer only a hot wash. Under these circumstances hand washing is preferable as hot water is the natural enemy of wool!

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